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CSMB was founded in 1997 by Colin Malcolm and Steve Brook. Two IT experts determined to bring better customer service standards to their industry.

This was back when the internet was no more than a fledgling movement in the world of business. Needless to say, things have changed a lot.

Our team has dedicated hours of their own time over the years to keep their expertise ahead of the huge developments we’ve seen in technology. We continue to do so today, helping companies no matter their size or sector.

Because as technology has moved on leaps and bounds, CSMB’s commitment to delivering above and beyond support to every single customer has remained a constant.

Where most people would turn around and say “sorry can’t solve that”, or “we don’t look after that software, you’ll have to contact someone else”, we’ll always stick with you until your problem is fixed.

Discover how we maintain impeccable customer service standards in a world of call centres here.

Colin & Steve’s original mission, still drives everything we do.

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