Keeping Your Laptop Secure – The Basics

  • 2 years ago
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As a trusted IT consultancy in London, Hampshire, and Berkshire, one of our top priorities is keeping your data secure. We’ve put together our basic list of top tips to keep your personal information safe and protect your hardware from any malicious viruses or hacks. These recommendations may seem obvious to some, but many people forget to follow them, which can have devastating consequences for businesses and individuals alike.


Set up automatic updates

The computer update that you keep on putting off could contain vital security changes that will revise your machine’s security information and tools. Viruses and computer infections are always changing and evolving, which is why your on-going computer updates are important. The fast pace of the IT world is no exaggeration – it changes daily, so it is critical that you make sure that your computer is up-to-date. As an IT consultancy in London, we recommend that all of our customers do this regularly.


Use The Most Suitable Web Browser For Your Needs

Even though most people don’t associate the web browser that they are using with security, it can actually be very important. From Windows to Safari, each browser has their own security specifications. These specifications allow you to tailor different security settings such as pop-up blockers, auto-run features, and more. Therefore, switching your website browser of choice to a more modern version has the potential to save your laptop from a destructive virus.


Be Careful When Uploading Personal Information

Most websites should have an SSL certificate; if they do not, users may be wary of uploading personal information to the site. SSL certificates guarantee the safety of customer data, giving them peace of mind. To see whether a website is secure, look to the search bar of your desktop. If the website is secured with an SSL, there will be a green padlock icon to the left of the website URL, whereas an unsecured website will have a small grey “i” inside a circle.  


Download Anti-Virus Software

The internet is the primary cause of viruses and infections that cause your computer to be hacked. Anti-virus software can prevent pop-ups from reaching your computer and prevent any hackers from obtaining your personal information. There are a range of different anti-virus softwares available online, varying in price, and everyone should have a paid version of some kind.


Be Cautious When Using Public Wifi

As an IT consultancy in London, we know it can be tempting to connect to the free and public wifi when you’re out and about. However, this open connection is a primary target for hackers because it is often unencrypted and unsecured.


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