Business continuity

What if disaster strikes your server room tomorrow? A flood, fire, power surge… could you carry on work as usual?

If your business runs from an on-premise server and something goes wrong, it can take days of downtime and halted productivity to get the problem repaired and a new server in place.

Time cut off from your work is the last thing any fast-moving business needs.

You have client expectations, internal deadlines, targets to hit.

And while we can’t promise to cast a magic spell on your server that makes it work faultlessly for years to come, we can give you the same peace of mind by showing you to our Business Continuity solution.

When you have the backup of Business Continuity, it means that if anything ever compromises the functionality of your server, we’re able to replicate your data from our remote data centre and get you back up and running just minutes after disaster strikes, while we set to work fixing your server problem.

As soon as your on-premise server is back in healthy shape – repaired or replaced – we just flip you right back over so smoothly, you won’t even know it’s happened.

Peace of mind

Relax. Even if your server does fall into trouble, we’ve got you backed up.

Uncompromised productivity

You can keep on working just like normal while we fix your server issue.

Complete data security

When your data is replicated in our centre, no-one can get their hands on it. Our promise.

To discover how Business Continuity can put an end to your worries about your server for good, call us now and ask us for a free trial today.



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What they say about us.

“We have utilised CS Malbrook’s skills and capabilities for many years, their ability to deliver, and respond to our requirements has been second to none. We use their skills to supplement our internal IT resource both on projects and day-to-day support. They are always there when we need them.”

John Breedon - IT Director (Lactalis McLelland Ltd.)