Online backup

Keep data backed up without even having to think about it.

Does your data backup system rely on someone physically taking copies of your data offsite to protect it from loss?

Good news. The hassle stops here.

Not only does manually backing up your data suck away time that could be better spent getting meaningful work done, putting the continuity of your business in one person’s hands is a heavy burden to carry. No one needs that weight on their mind.

Enter online backup systems.

Using our online backup system, your data is continually and automatically backed up to our secure servers across the UK.

That means a copy of your data is always stored offsite.

In the event of a catastrophe that would usually cut you off from your files until you manage to get the backed up data in action, with online backup you get instant access to the mirrored data on our remote server.

We monitor our backup system daily and test it every week, taking all the responsibility of data protection away from your team.

You can run a free trial of our online backup system starting today.

To see what difference it will make to your team’s peace of mind and workload, fill in your details on the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a free trial.


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“We have utilised CS Malbrook’s skills and capabilities for many years, their ability to deliver, and respond to our requirements has been second to none. We use their skills to supplement our internal IT resource both on projects and day-to-day support. They are always there when we need them.”

John Breedon - IT Director (Lactalis McLelland Ltd.)