Remote working

Always have your network at your fingertips.

As the world gets more and more connected, it’s time to shake off the confines of your office and make it so your team can carry on work wherever they are. This doesn’t mean to say work all hours – far from it.

Instead, your workforce can take advantage of being able to work in the environment they feel most productive in. You can make the most of those minutes currently wasted – between meetings, in hotel rooms, at conferences – and find moments for productivity you never knew existed.

That’s the beauty of remote working.

And when you let CSMB connect your world up, you sign up for all the benefits that come from being able to work remotely as well as the exceptional IT support that comes as standard for all our customers.

We’ll solve the IT problems you and your team face no matter where you are, or what systems are involved. We’re your IT partner and we won’t leave you behind just because you aren’t in the office.

By making the leap and becoming a company that supports remote working, you can:

Boost staff retention

Introducing flexible working choices like being able to work from home or outside the office is a sure way to increase staff retention.

Secure better talent

When you can employ people on more flexible terms, you increase the pool of talent available to you.

Reduce costs

The more people take up remote working at your company, the lower the running costs for the office.

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What they say about us.

“We have utilised CS Malbrook’s skills and capabilities for many years, their ability to deliver, and respond to our requirements has been second to none. We use their skills to supplement our internal IT resource both on projects and day-to-day support. They are always there when we need them.”

John Breedon - IT Director (Lactalis McLelland Ltd.)