Structured cabling

Top conditions for your vital network connections.

Sure, wireless working is the way forwards. But as it stands, we still need cabling to keep our networks fully connected.

Until that’s no longer the case, it’s in everyone’s interest that your cabling is well-installed.

Whether you need more points adding to your existing cable network, a maze of wires to be streamlined or a new system installed entirely, our engineers have over 35 years experience in structured cabling you can put your trust in.

We’ll keep your cabling as tidy as possible without restricting access, using the features of your workplace to their best advantage. Whether that’s underfloor, behind the walls or above the ceiling cabling, we’ll find a solution that ticks all the right boxes:

Speed up your systems

Minimising cable length to optimise speed.

Keep your team safe

No risk of everyday damage to cabling. Complete health and safety compliance.

Make it easy to spot the root of a problem

When your cabling is structured clearly, there’s far less guesswork when pinning down a weak spot.

Keep your workplace tidy

Besides everything else, structured cabling helps your workplace look good. And there are no wires to trip over.

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“We have utilised CS Malbrook’s skills and capabilities for many years, their ability to deliver, and respond to our requirements has been second to none. We use their skills to supplement our internal IT resource both on projects and day-to-day support. They are always there when we need them.”

John Breedon - IT Director (Lactalis McLelland Ltd.)