VoIP telephony

A VoIP telephone system managed by us, so you never deal with the middle man.

When you have a problem with your phones, you don’t have time to go round the houses before getting the support you need.

But most IT companies only offer VoIP as a reseller, meaning they aren’t the ones with the answers when you need help, and will most likely just pass you onto the phone manufacturer.

CSMB does VoIP differently. We have our own VoIP telephone system.

So not only do you get fast advice when you need help, we take the time to understand how you work, and if there’s an extra function you could really do with on your phones, we can make sure you get it.

That doesn’t mean to say our VoIP phones don’t already come loaded with extensive functionality: DDI, CLI, voicemail, call recording, conference calling, mobile twinning…everything you’d expect from a first-rate VoIP telephone system.

But with CSMB you get more. You get to personalise your VoIP system so your phones integrate seamlessly into the way your team works best.

With VoIP from CSMB:

Keep your team connected wherever they are

VoIP technology lets your team make and receive calls as they would in the office wherever they are, as long as there’s an internet connection. This takes the challenge out of working from home or abroad so you can hit your targets faster with everyone working in their most productive environment.

Personalise the system to your needs

We can help you add extra functionality to your phone system. Time to get everything you want from your phones, as well as everything you need. Just recently, a client wanted to try out voicemail surveys, so we designed and introduced the technology needed for it into their phone system.

Pay a fraction of the setup and running costs

Your phones run through the internet with VoIP technology, so you can stop shelling out for that phone line and pay less for the calls you make. On average, our VoIP system reduces phone bills by 70%.

Get support directly from the manufacturer (us!)

We designed the technology, we manufacture the phones and we know how they work inside out. You’ll never be far from the support you need.

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What they say about us.

“We have utilised CS Malbrook’s skills and capabilities for many years, their ability to deliver, and respond to our requirements has been second to none. We use their skills to supplement our internal IT resource both on projects and day-to-day support. They are always there when we need them.”

John Breedon - IT Director (Lactalis McLelland Ltd.)